The Staff

Vincenza Mauceri:

Professional Hair Stylist and (of course) Mom, she is constantly updated on the science of hair, skin, coloring and does not neglect the passion for do-it-yourself and cooking.

Greta Caliò:

Professional Dietitian and (of course) Mom, she graduated in Dietetics at the University of Pavia and never stops updating the food encyclopedia for the perfect diet.

Virginia Caliò:

Professional NailArtist and (of course) Mom, she transmits the creativity of drawing in the art of ManiCure and Pedicure to give prominence and value to the parts of the body that we use the most.

Jonathan Galliano:

Advisor and popularizer. Always up to date on news in the field of sustainable development, the environment, the economy and social issues. Passionate about travel, culture, history and geography.

Emilia Caliò:

Educator and mother (of course), she has achieved numerous studies and uses her experience to share some early childhood teaching techniques.

Spartaco Caliò:

Osteopathic Manual Therapist, Massage Therapist, Massager and Holistic Operator and Personal Trainer, he has achieved numerous specializations in massage techniques and manual therapies for the well-being of body, mind and spirit. It doesn’t stop updating the encyclopedia of massages and essential oils.

Sonia Russo:

“Mom” by profession and Educator, she cultivates a passion for cooking every day and continues to update the “Woman Universe” recipe book to share her knowledge and creativity in the kitchen.

Norman Caliò:

Professional IT consultant, specialized in Web Design, puts together the gears to make “Woman Universe” an increasingly performing Blog / Magazine.